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Jet Ski Incident Reported In Local Gazette

Inaccurate reports in the Local Gazette recently generated many questions about K.S. Watersports and the jet ski experience we offer. For over 19 years, we have provided great experiences and memories for thousands of guests including visitors and locals alike. We do not leave our guests stranded or abandoned out at sea, nor do we tolerate any guest operating their jet ski unsafely including reckless and dangerous behavior to themselves or to others while on tour.

In regard to the incident reported back in July in the Local Gazette, the guests jet ski keys were handed over to the tour guide after a member in their group disobeyed several warnings to follow the rules and safety protocols that they agreed to observe and follow before commencing on the tour. In accordance with normal practice, a K.S. Watersports boat was dispatched by us immediately in order to pick up the guests that were waiting on their jet skis together in inshore waters near land, not out at sea as inaccurately reported by the local gazette. The guests were picked up by K.S. Watersports within a very short period of time after the keys were handed over to our staff. The guests were brought back to our facility where Management were able to discuss the incident with them. We would like to thank the members of the public who arrived on the scene minutes before our boat did. 

The safety of our guests is and always has been our top priority and we continue to focus on delivering superior guest experiences for all.



The Management of K.S. Watersports.