(Departs from Our Dockyard Location – West End Tour)

Dockyard is Bermuda’s main cruise ship port and is home to Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Just a two minute walk to and from our Dockyard location for cruise ship guests arriving at King’s Wharf & Heritage Wharf cruise ship terminals. (No taxi ride, fare, or transportation required)

*This Adventure is available from January 4th 2017 – December 23rd 2017.

adventureJoin us for an exciting Jet Ski Adventure around the beautiful western end of the island. This high speed guided adventure is 75 minutes long and is suitable for persons of all ages and skill levels. This tour departs from the historic Dockyard area which was built in the late 1800’s and is home to some of the best forts and museums located on the island.

Leaving the pier we head towards the Somerset Bridge (the world’s smallest drawbridge), and into Ely’s harbor. Ely’s harbor has many beautiful sites and things to see, and sometimes you can even see sea turtles, herons, and Bermuda longtails flying above.

From there it’s off to find sunken treasure, Arrh! Actually it’s the HMS Vixen, one of many shipwrecks found in Bermuda’s local waters, and sorry there is no treasure left unfortunately. This shipwreck is located just off of Daniel’s Head and is home to many types of marine life and coral species. Watch as hundreds of fish swim up to the Jet Ski’s whenever we arrive, a truly amazing site to see. We even take a few more minutes here to feed the fish too. Here we will also explain all the wonderful sites you have just seen and answer any questions you may have. Our tour guides are very knowledgeable and have many years experience on Bermuda’s local waters.

Leaving the shipwreck, it’s time to throttle up and explore more of Bermuda’s amazing coastline. Skim past the gorgeous Sea Gardens, an area of underwater reefs which are clearly visible from the surface, the 9 Beaches Resort, Cambridge beaches, and all the way towards Gray’s Bridge. This bridge is a small connecting bridge that allows passage to and from the Great Sound Harbour. Depending on how fast the group is we may also stop off at a secluded beach area for a short swim or stop by the sea gardens where you might get a chance to see baby sea turtles that come up to the surface.

Once you cool off its time to get back on the Jet Ski and open it up on the way back to Dockyard. This Adventure covers the entire western end of the island and is packed with a whole lot of fun and adventure. Perfect for families, couples or the solo rider who seeks fun & adventure on their vacation.

All reservations should be made in advance (highly recommended), we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Amex card for advance bookings. Please contact us at (441)-238-4155 or click on the “Book Online” button to book your “Jet Ski Adventure”.

Tours and routes may vary depending on weather and sea conditions. Participants must be at least 16 years of age (by Bermuda Law) to drive a Jet Ski. Any age to be a passenger. Each ski has a combined maximum weight limit of 375 lbs. The K.S. WaterSports Jet Ski Adventure is not recommended for persons with limited mobility.

(Just for knowledge: Jet Ski’s in general are meant to be driven at speeds of 30mph and above so you can better steer and control the Jet Ski on the water. First time drivers and persons who have not driven a Jet Ski for a long time should avoid carrying passengers that put them close to the maximum weight limit allowed per Jet Ski, which is 375lbs. Even though all our 4 Stroke Yamaha VX & Seadoo GTI Jet Ski’s are three seater models and are very stable with passengers, Jet Ski’s are normally more fun and easier to control especially for beginners and non-experienced users when driving as a Single, meaning with no passengers).