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Departs from our Dockyard and Hamilton Locations


Snorkel By Private Boat – with a Captain

Perfect for families, friends, couples and smaller groups who want to get out on the water and experience Bermuda and all its beauty.

Enjoy a full day or half day of snorkeling Bermuda’s crystal clear waters, onboard our spacious and comfortable snorkeling boat “How High”. This private adventure will take you and your guests to new heights as you experience Bermuda the very best way imaginable, by water! Your Captain will customize your snorkeling adventure and tour to your groups liking. We know where all the best snorkeling spots and areas are to take you, and we’re never too far away from the things you want to see. Whether you choose to snorkel our beautiful coral reefs, hover over sunken shipwrecks, swim with fish or explore the ocean floor for lost treasures, our private snorkeling adventures give you and your guests the unique opportunity to see Bermuda in all its beauty, from above and below the water. Our captain/guide will also take you past several local hot spots around the island, with opportunities to spot sea turtles, Bermuda longtail birds, historic landmarks, shipwrecks, pink sand beaches and more…

Our Snorkeling boat is capable of taking up to 10 average size adults comfortably onboard, and has the ability to get out to some amazing secluded and shallow snorkeling spots where the reefs are amazing and we are never too far away from the things you want to see. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced snorkeler, our staff will help you setup your snorkeling gear and teach you how to snorkel if required. All our captains are CPR and first aid certified and have several years of experience on Bermuda’s waters.

Package 1 – “How High Premium Boat Regular Charter” (4 hours) – $900.00 ($225.00 each additional hour)
Package 2 – “How High Premium Boat Regular Charter” (8 hours) – $1,800.00

Package 3: 4HR Snorkel & Shipwreck Adventure Tour Package – $875.00

This Snorkel & Shipwreck Adventure Package is suitable for up to 10 persons and includes complimentary snorkel gear for each person (mask, flippers, snorkel), plus floatation noodles onboard. All guests must know how to swim to be able to snorkel on this 4hr Snorkel & Shipwreck Adventure package. Guests are more than welcome to bring their own snorkel gear with them if they choose. (An extra charge per person is applicable for 9-10 persons onboard). Email us at info@kswatersports.com for tour enquiries or call us at (441) 232-4155. It is highly recommended that you book this 4hr snorkel tour/package in advance to avoid disappointment. This private Snorkel & Shipwreck Adventure Tour is very popular!

What’s Included: A Licensed Boat Captain, a large cooler with ice, floatation noodles, lifevests, safety equipment

Extra’s which can be provided: Extra snorkeling masks, flippers & snorkels; picnic lunch and/or snacks, beverages, snorkel vests

To view our 28′ Premium Charter Boat, click here to view Video. (Video coming soon)


  • Maximum 10 average size adults onboard this vessel.
  • Maximum weight per person must not exceed 250lbs if snorkeling.
  • Participants wishing to snorkel must be able to swim, be in fair/good physical health, be able to walk on/off the boat and enter/exit the water via a swim ladder with limited assistance.
  • Floatation snorkel vests or life vests can be provided upon request.


  • Safety life vests, snorkel gear, music/radio system, cooler with ice, large swim platform with easy access ladder, seating for 1-8 Average 185lb adults, floatation noodles, suntan deck, and more.



Snorkel By Jet Ski – with a Guide

Perfect for families, friends, couples and groups who want to get out on the water and experience Bermuda in all its beauty. (There is a 2 Jet Ski minimum requirement per booking for this 2hr Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari tour)

Join us for an exciting 2hr Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari which takes you around the amazing and beautiful western end of the island. This tour covers all the same things that our popular “Jet Ski Adventure” includes, but with the added time and bonus of snorkeling at one of our secret hideaways. Unlike larger snorkeling boats, our jet ski’s can maneuver and go places that are secluded and private, and this is where some of the best snorkeling is in Bermuda. This tour is suitable for ages 5 and up and all skill levels. Tour departs from our Dockyard and Hamilton Locations.

Leaving the pier we head towards the Somerset Bridge (the world’s smallest drawbridge), and into Ely’s harbor. Ely’s harbor has many beautiful sites and things to see, and sometimes you can even see sea turtles, herons, and Bermuda longtails flying above. From there it’s off to find sunken treasure, Arrh! Actually it’s the HMS Vixen, one of many shipwrecks found in Bermuda’s local waters, and sorry there is no treasure left unfortunately. This shipwreck is located just off of Daniel’s Head and is home to many types of marine life and coral species. Watch as hundreds of fish swim up to the Jet Ski’s whenever we arrive, a truly spectacular site to see.

Leaving the shipwreck, it’s off to a secluded reef area where we stop off to go snorkeling. Bermuda is surrounded by many beautiful coral reefs and shipwrecks, and has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. On good weather days you can see all the marine life and coral formations clearly below, a truly impressive sight to see. After spending some time exploring Bermuda’s underwater marine life, we throttle up and make our way back to the Royal Naval Dockyard.

This tour is perfect for families, couples, friends and the solo rider who seeks fun & adventure on their vacation and who are looking to explore Bermuda’s underwater Marine life.


  • Maximum weight limit per person must not exceed 250lbs for this tour.
  • Each Jet Ski has a combined maximum passenger weight limit of 350lbs for this tour.
  • It is highly recommended that all JET SKI & SNORKEL SAFARI reservations be made in advance to avoid disappointment. Space is limited.
  • There is a 2 Jet Ski minimum requirement per reservation/booking for this 2hr Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari tour.
  • The K.S. WaterSports Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari is not recommended for persons with limited mobility, who are pregnant, or who cannot swim.
  • Tours and Routes may vary depending on weather and sea conditions. Alternate routes may be used. Participants must be at least 16 years of age to independently operate/drive a Jet Ski. Any age to be a passenger.


  • All snorkeling equipment and floatation life vests are provided. (Guests are more than welcome to bring their own snorkeling gear if they prefer)

If you have any questions please call our reservations number at (441)-238-4155 and someone will be glad to assist you).

The Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari departing from our Dockyard location is available to Book Online or over the phone at (441)-238-4155.

See our Rates and Schedules for this tour.

For our Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari departing from our Hamilton, Southampton, and St. George’s locations, please call (441)-232-4155 for bookings and available times.

(See the FAQ’s section on this website for answers to common questions to do with our Jet Ski Adventures).